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How To Clean Tinted Windows: Tips To Keep Your Car Window Tint Looking Brand New and Avoid Damage

How To Clean Tinted Windows: Tips To Keep Your Car Window Tint Looking Brand New and Avoid Damage

When you get your car windows tinted, it’s natural to want to keep them looking their absolute best. Lots of people fall in love with the look of freshly applied tint, but aren’t sure how to clean it safely. The basic rule is that’s it’s fine to clean tinted car windows as often as you like, but it’s very important to use the right products. Below are some tips on how to clean tinted windows to keep them looking brand new avoid damage.

Leave your tinted windows for a few days before cleaning them

If you’ve just had your car windows tinted, there should be no need to clean your windows. If you spot a few bits of dust on the tint, or you spill something on it, resist your OCD urge to get out a bucket and sponge and clean it. Just leave it for a little while.

It’s important that your new car window tint has the best opportunity to ‘cure’ (completely dry) before you try and clean it. The time this takes will depend on how much sun the tint is exposed to. So in a place like Brisbane, this may only be a few days. If you want to get a more accurate estimate of how long you should wait before you can clean your tint, talk to us.

Use a soft cloth – preferably microfibre

How To Clean Tinted Windows: Tips To Keep Your Car Window Tint Looking Brand New and Avoid DamageIf you want to clean your tint (on the inside of your windows), make sure you use something very soft that has no chance of damaging the tint. We’d recommend a microfibre cloth. These products have been specially made to clean dust and dirt from things like tinted windows without scratching them.

If you’ve somehow managed to get sticky substances or stubborn residue on your tint, whatever you do, don’t use an abrasive cloth, scourer or steel wool. These can scratch your tint and turn a small imperfection into a glaring flaw.

Use soapy water or mild cleaning products

If you feel that you need something more than just a microfibre cloth to clean your car window tint, you can use good old soapy water. This is a very mild but effective cleaning product that won’t damage your tint in any way.

However, if you insist on using a more modern cleaning product, make sure it’s mild and does not contain ammonia. Most cleaning products that are blue liquids have ammonia in them—so steer clear of these. And make sure you read the label on any product before using it.

Get expert cleaning and maintenance advice

If you’re planning on having your windows tinted and want some advice on cleaning and maintenance, we’d be happy to have a chat to you when you come and pick up your car, post-tint.

Or, if you’ve already had your car tinted with us, contact us now for advice on maintaining that flawless look. You can also see examples of our work on Houzz and Pinterest.

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